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Endoca CBD Suppositories are the fastest way to absorb CBD. Each package contains 10 suppositories which consist of 50mg CBD each.The benefit of CBD suppositories or vaginal ovules is that they avoid the gastrointestinal tract, reaching the bloodstream quicker and in much higher concentrations. Compared to orally administered CBD products, the effects of CBD suppositories can be felt in around 10-15 minutes. This form of CBD may be useful for those who cannot take CBD via ingestion or inhalation due to illness or injury.

Medicinal benefits: This dietary supplement is thought to have a positive influence on general health and well-being. It may help to reduce feelings of anxiety, mental- and physical stress. It may also reduce pain, cramps, muscle fatigue and inflammation. This product does not produce any psychoactive effects.

Ingredients: Endoca’s CBD Suppositories/Vaginal Ovules contain organic Cannabis Sativa extract and coconut oil. Does not contain any THC.

One package contains 10x 50mg CBD suppositories.

Laboratory testing: Endoca employs the most rigorous pharmaceutical standard control and laboratory testing, to ensure consistent potency and purity for all their products.

Use, Dosage and Storing: This CBD product is for rectal or vaginal use. Be sure to use good hygiene, washing hands before and after application. Always read and follow instructions for insertion provided on package. CBD suppositories should be kept refrigerated before use.Disclaimer: This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Before use or modifying your diet, always consult a medical expert, doctor or general practitioner.