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La Tertulia

  • As one of the older coffeeshops of the city, La Tertulia offers, besides bio-grown weed, grilled sandwiches and milkshakes, a place for peace and serenity on one of the main canals in Amsterdam.

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  • Prinsengracht 312
  • Amsterdam
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If you ever find yourself strolling along the “Prinsengracht” (one of four main canals in Amsterdam), you will undoubtedly notice coffeeshop La Tertulia, with its storefront facade completely covered in an homage to Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. This mother & daughter shop was founded back in 1983 and has been a family owned business ever since. Inside, the shop is more reminiscent of a Mediterranean bistro than a ‘run of the mill’ coffeeshop. The interior is open and brightly lit, with paintings along the walls, lots of plants and even a beautiful little ‘crystal and meteorite garden’. Their weed and hash menu is moderate but biological grown and fairly priced. The food menu boasts a large selection of “Toasties” (grilled sandwiches), infused edibles and other snacks, even milkshakes! This shop is definitely a place where you will find peace and serenity, especially on a bright day, when you can sit outside on the terrace.