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This Disclaimer sets forth the “Agreement” between Guru Trading B.V. (“Coffeeshop Guru”, “We”, “Us” or “Our”) a company incorporated under the laws of The Netherlands and registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam, and each user (“User”, “Customer”, “You” or “Your”, “They”,”Their”) governing the use by you of the Coffeeshop Guru website, blogs and social media platforms (the “Site”).

1.0 LEGAL – COFFEESHOP GURU DOES NOT CONDONE OR SUPPORT ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. Coffeeshop Guru distributes medical cannabis seeds and CBD products under the UNODC Convention of 1961 which exempts cannabis seeds from regulation. We DO NOT supply products containing THC.

1.1 As cannabis regulations vary in different countries, it is always the customer’s responsibility to understand which laws apply to them and act accordingly. Regulations do change so Coffeeshop Guru advises its customers to check these regularly.

1.2 In some countries the importation or exportation of cannabis seeds is only permitted for agricultural, industrial or medicinal uses and a permit will be required. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of this requirement if it applies to them, and to notify Coffeeshop Guru and required authorities immediately.

1.3 In some countries the germination of cannabis seeds is illegal. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of this. In the case where germination is not legal, Coffeeshop Guru assumes the seeds have been purchased with the intent to keep them for scientific preservation until regulations change.  

1.4 Once customer orders have been dispatched and left the Coffeeshop Guru or its distributing warehouse, Coffeeshop Guru is no longer responsible or liable for the products or any charges involved if stopped by any international customs.

1.5 Coffeeshop Guru reserves the right to cancel purchases and exclude users from the platform should it believe website content is being used to for illegal activities.

2.0 MEDICAL – COFFEESHOP GURU DOES NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE. Any information included on this site or its social media channels is intended for educational purposes only. Customers are advised to ALWAYS consult a qualified medical practitioner for medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment.

2.1 Coffeeshop Guru does NOT intend for its products to be used as a substitute for clinical treatments nor should users postpone seeking medical advice because of information obtained from this site. Coffeeshop Guru does not recommend that customers self-manage health issues.

2.2 Although Coffeeshop Guru aims to provide accurate information by staying up-to-date with the latest research findings on medical cannabis, all content regarding the medicinal benefits of its products is intended as a guide only.

2.3 Customers are advised to remember that individuals react differently to different products, therefore should always consult their physician about existing medications and how they may interact with products purchased from this site.

3.0 WEBSITE CONTENT – ALL CONTENT ON THE COFFEESHOP GURU SITE AND ITS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS IS INTENDED AS EDUCATIONAL ONLY. Users must be 18 years and over to view this information and agree to Coffeeshop Guru’s full Conditions of Use including that none of the information or products obtained from Coffeeshop Guru will be used for illegal activities.

3.1 Coffeeshop Guru content describing the germination or growing processes is only intended as educational and is not to be used in countries where germination or cultivation is illegal.  

3.2 Coffeeshop Guru is not liable for any misuse of its educational content nor is Coffeeshop Guru liable for any illegal offenses committed by its customers after purchase.

3.3 Coffeeshop Guru reserves the right to cancel purchases and exclude users from the platform should it believe website content is being used to for illegal activities

4.0 USER CONTENT CONDUCT – Coffeeshop Guru aims to provide a platform for open, informative discussions about cannabis. Coffeeshop Guru does not condone illegal activity nor is it liable for the views, advice or actions of its users shared on the site. Any information shared within the Coffeeshop Guru website that is considered illegal or promoting illegal activities will be removed and users may be excluded from the platform.

4.1 To ensure the Coffeeshop Guru site remains a safe and positive environment, Coffeeshop Guru reserves the right to edit, remove and post comments at its discretion. Abusive comments, spam or unauthorized advertising will not be tolerated. Users are fully responsible for their own comments. All opinions expressed in comments are those of the author, not Coffeeshop Guru.

5.0 THIRD-PARTY CONTENT – Coffeeshop Guru cannot guarantee the accuracy or relevance of third party links included anywhere on the site. Nor does the inclusion of links to external sites mean Coffeeshop Guru endorses the views of these third-parties or guarantees their products and services.

5.1 Coffeeshop Guru cannot control and is not responsible for personal data or cookies obtained from customers when using third-party sites. Coffeeshop Guru is also not liable for any loss or damages resulting from user interaction with third-party sites including to data, software, or computer equipment.

5.2 Coffeeshop Guru is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from the infringement by any person of intellectual property rights of any third party that occurred through their use of our site.

6.0 PRODUCT LIABILITY – While Coffeeshop Guru does its best to source the highest quality products from reputable suppliers, it cannot guarantee that all seeds will germinate.

6.1 Coffeeshop Guru distributes products only and is not involved in the manufacturing process. Customers are advised to consult manufacturers guidelines in order to use products safely. Coffeeshop Guru is not liable for any loss or damages arising from customer negligence or failure to comply with manufacturer guidelines.

7.0 RETURNED GOODS – In accordance with European Consumer Law, Coffeeshop Guru customers can return unwanted or unsatisfactory goods within 14 days of purchase.

7.1 Coffeeshop Guru must first be notified of the customer’s intent to return the product(s). Customers should not send their orders back before giving prior notice the Coffeeshop Guru Support Team. Coffeeshop Guru reserves the right to reject refund requests from customers who have not firstly communicated with Coffeeshop Guru on their intent to do so.

7.1 If the order cancellation is based on a change of mind, products must be returned undamaged in their original packaging within 14 days.

7.2 If the goods are considered unsatisfactory, the returned goods must only have the minimum required damage to check their quality. Any damage that is considered excessive and devalues the product may influence the total refund amount to which the customer is entitled. To return your product, please visit our Returns Page.

7.3 Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

7.4 Refund payments will be made via the original payment method used to complete the order.

8.0 USER INFORMATION – In accordance with European Privacy Laws, Coffeeshop Guru will not share any of its customer’s personal data to third-parties. Customer information will only be used with the intention of improving the customer’s experience by improving order processes and communicating current offers and newsletters.

9.0 PRICES, AVAILABILITY & SPECIAL OFFERS –  Prices and availability of products on the Coffeeshop Guru webshop are subject to change. Coffeeshop Guru reserves the right to change product prices without notice. Coffeeshop Guru also reserves the right to end special offers without notice.

10.0 PAYMENTS – It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all payment details are correct. Products will not be shipped until payments have been received.

10.1 When paying via cryptocurrency it is the customer’s responsibility to add the correct transaction fee in order for it to be confirmed by the network.

10.2 Coffeeshop Guru is not responsible for cash payments lost during postage. We do not accept coins.