• Brand: Barneys Farm
  • Variety: Indica Dominant
  • Gender: Feminized
  • Cannabinoid: Medium CBD 1-5 %, Very High THC 20+ %
  • Plant size: Medium (80 cm - 130 cm)
  • Growing difficulty: Easy
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Blueberry OG by Barney’s Farm is a flavorsome favorite among cannaisseurs. Appreciated by beginner growers, this strain makes growing large, dense flowers easy. 

Heritage & Genetics: Blueberry OG is a combination of two great cannabis strains, both well-known for their indica heritage and fresh flavors. Together, the piney Californian West Coast OG Kush and the sweet Dutch Blueberry, make for a generous terpene-filled strain. 

Flavor & Aroma: Blueberry OG has a striking flavor and aroma. An unusual combination, the fragrant sweetness of Blueberry manages to lighten the pine notes that OG Kush has become known for. A strain with rich, musky flavors and a unique edge.

Effect: Blueberry OG’s high THC content can lead to powerful, ‘couch-locking’ effects. Its high is fast-acting, relaxing the muscles instantly and transcending the mind to a euphoric state. These heavy, sedative effects will be appreciated by fans of its parent strain, OG Kush. Strong and long-lasting, Blueberry OG’s body-buzz is best suited to the evening.

Medical: Ongoing research has found that in higher doses THC may help with Glaucoma, by reducing pressure in the eye. THC and CBD have also been found to have pain-relieving qualities that are thought to amplify when the cannabinoids work together. Meanwhile, CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Considering this, this high THC, moderate CBD strain may be somewhat useful for relieving pain and inflammation often experienced with joint pain, arthritis, headaches and migraines.

Grow characteristics: Blue Cheese is a very easy-to-grow indica. The plant should maintain a medium height with multiple side branching and little internodal. Some suggest Sea of Green and SCROG methods for this strain. Blueberry OG performs well both outdoors and indoors with an average flowering time of 8 weeks.