• Brand: Barneys Farm
  • Variety: Hybrid
  • Gender: Feminized
  • Cannabinoid: Low CBD 0-1 %, Very High THC 20+ %
  • Plant size: Medium (80 cm - 130 cm)
  • Growing difficulty: Easy
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Liberty Haze by Barney’s Farm is an elite cross of G13 and Chem Dawg 91. Cannaisseurs will recognize the Cup-winning class of its intense high and full flavors. 

Heritage & Genetics: Barney’s Farm created the balanced 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid Liberty Haze by combining the powers of G13, and the American Chem Dawg 91 – a close relation to West Coast O.G Kush and New York City Diesel.

Flavor & Aroma: Liberty Haze possesses a floral, lemon and lime aroma which becomes more distinct during the flowering period. When broken open, the buds release an eye-watering fragrance that entices the senses. When smoked, Liberty Haze immediately glazes the palate with a smooth, creamy lime note, accompanied by piercing, sharp lemon overtones.

Effect: Testing over 25% THC on average, Liberty Haze is very strong and shares the effects of both indica and sativa strains. When smoked, Liberty Haze makes the body feel relaxed and at ease, while a euphoric buzz calms the mind. This strain is known for encouraging deep conversation, making it a pleasant companion in social situations. Its inspiring ways are also suited to creative types.

Medical: Ongoing research has suggested that high THC and low CBD strains may have potential benefits including stimulating appetite, reducing fatigue and relieving symptoms of Glaucoma. Although thought to be more effective when working together with CBD, THC is also understood to have some pain-relieving properties on its own. Considering this, this high THC strain may also provide some relief from general aches and pains.

Grow characteristics: Liberty Haze is an easy strain to grow, even for beginner growers. It will grow to a medium-tall height and flowers in a short 8-9 weeks. Liberty Haze performs well indoors, producing larger harvests using a Sea of Green or SCROG growing method. This hybrid’s mix of indica and sativa genetics also make it a suitable strain for outdoor growing. Once ready, Liberty Haze will reward growers with hard, sticky, lemon and lime scented buds.