• Brand: Devil Harvest
  • Variety: Hybrid
  • Gender: Feminized, Regular
  • Cannabinoid: Low CBD 0-1 %, High THC 15-20%
  • Plant size: Short (0 cm - 80 cm)
  • Growing difficulty: Hard
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This version of the Shoreline phenotype is easily one of the most pungent strains in the Devil’s Harvest collection. Difficult to master but incredibly rewarding for the real cannaisseur.

Heritage & Genetics: Devil’s Harvest version of the Shoreline strain is a crossing between a male Oasis and an original, Texan Shoreline female. The original Shoreline phenotype is supposed to have been developed in the American Lone Star State, back in the early 1980’s. Legend has it that the name came from a Grateful Dead show, held in the Texas Shoreline Amphitheater.     

Flavor & Aroma: Shoreline produces an unmistakable intensely fragrant earthy, skunky aroma. This pungency carries through in its flavor; a unique delight with a fresh and fruity finish. 

Effect: Even though Shoreline is a 60/40 indica/sativa mix, the overall effect is predominantly sativa in nature. The happy, relaxed and uplifting head buzz is guaranteed to give energy, focus, and creative vigor.        

Medical: Ongoing research has suggested that high THC and low CBD strains may have potential benefits including reducing fatigue and relieving symptoms of Glaucoma. Although thought to be more effective when working together with CBD, THC is also understood to have some pain-relieving properties on its own. Considering this, this high THC strain may also provide some relief from general aches and pains.

Grow characteristics: Shoreline’s flowers, when fully matured, have a colorful surface of pink, red and purple hues, which will appear after about six weeks. It is a particularly hard strain to master because it needs a lot of attention and maintenance. On a lighter note; it is a sturdy plant, suitable for indoors as well as outdoors, even in colder climates. Indoors, Shoreline performs best in a SOG setup. Shoreline has a flowering time of around 8 – 9 weeks.