• Brand: Dinafem
  • Variety: Hybrid
  • Gender: Feminized
  • Cannabinoid: Low CBD 0-1 %, Medium THC 10-15 %
  • Plant size: Short (0 cm - 80 cm)
  • Growing difficulty: Easy
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With equal parts sativa and indica, Industrial Plant brings a good THC ratio (up to 14%) and a great cerebral head-high, that still has a nice balance to it. She is famed for the ease with which she grows, and the massive yields she can produce.

Heritage & Genetics: This massively productive plant is sometimes known as ´the Ferrari´ of cannabis strains due to her awesome growing speed and rich bud. A powerful combination of Afghani x Thai landraces, this indica-dominant strain has some Northern Lights and a selection of Skunks in the mix. She’s a 50/50 phenotype, combining the best traits of her heritage; including, potency, flavor, and yield.

Flavor & Aroma: You´ll start to get dreamy scents of earth and moss, pepper and hints of citrus as soon as Industrial Plant comes into flower. In the flavor, these aromas of earth and pepper intensify, and you´ll get more citrus and a skunky undertone.

Effect: A really good strain for relaxing with… in the evening… with your mates… somewhere beautiful. Industrial Plant has enough THC (averaging 14%) that you will feel her pleasant cerebral effects, maybe get the giggles, and feel inspired. But it´s not so much that you´ll feel overwhelmed. The balance in the effect comes from her strong indica heritage which gives a wonderful, complementary body-buzz.

Medical: Ongoing research has suggested that THC could be responsible for the energy-boosting effects of some strains. This moderate THC, low CBD strain may, therefore, be somewhat helpful for coping with fatigue although high THC strains are thought to be more effective. The moderate THC level of this strain could also provide some relief from mild aches, pains, and stress.
Grow Characteristics: Industrial Plant is so named because of her potential industrial size yields. Beloved by growers for the speed of her growth (under 50 days), the heaviness of her yields, and her stable and reliable product. She´ll grow well outdoors but if you´re doing an indoor grow, and especially if you’re using a SOG or SCROG grow, the results can be stunning. The bud is sticky and dense, with an orange glow because of the thick coverage of orange hair.