• Brand: Dutch Passion
  • Variety: Hybrid
  • Gender: Feminized
  • Cannabinoid: Low THC 0-10 %, Low CBD 0-1 %
  • Plant size: Medium (80 cm - 130 cm)
  • Growing difficulty: Easy
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Pamir Gold is a light and delicious hybrid with a low level of THC (8-12%) making it good for daytime use. Originating in the Himalayas this strain is hardy, easy to grow, and produces good yields.

Heritage & Genetics: Though the exact parentage is unknown, Pamir Gold originated in the western part of the Himalayas, deep in Tajikistan. The wild cannabis strains there were well suited to high altitudes and cooler climates. Dutch Passion took this unique strain, trained it up a bit in the Alps and then finally brought it down to earth in the lowlands. Slightly more indica than sativa this 60/40 hybrid typically has an average of 8 to 12% THC.

Flavor & Aroma: Taste wise Pamir Gold is understated and sweet. The aromas of lemon, apple and pear come through in a fruity cocktail and there is an earthy, musky aftertaste that is smooth and pleasant.

Effect: With a high that is both light and subtle, Pamir Gold from Dutch Passion has a deeply relaxing effect that will leave you feeling open-minded and well rested. It was strains like this that were so popular among hippies on the trail to the East in the 60’s and 70’s, so if you’re feeling creative or looking for enlightenment this strain may well help you on your way.

Medical: Despite having a low THC and CBD content, this strain may have some therapeutic effects including helping to relax, de-stress, and potentially relieve mild aches and pains.

Grow Characteristics: Medium sized plants that grow well outdoors, in cooler climates and at higher altitudes. Pamir Gold from Dutch Passion has been bred to be hardy to molds, mildew and pests. This is an undemanding strain which will produce large yields with little more than a bit of kindness and love. The buds are dense, sticky and very resinous. Ideal for a home grow, or the new gardener, Pamir Gold is not too pungent and comes to flower very quickly (sometimes in as little as seven weeks).