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by Dutch Passion

With unique characteristics, Skunk #11 is an easy-to-grow strain that provides users a stunning combination of stone and high, perfect for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation.

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Skunk #11 Genetics

Consisting of (75%) sativa and (25%) indica genetics, Skunk #11 is the result of a Skunk pheno selected and bred by Dutch Passion Seeds to provide top bud quality and quantity. Highly mold-resistant, it has incredible resin production and a reduced flowering time, delivering high yields of herb that exudes the classic skunk funk — a favorite amongst cannaisseurs.

Skunk #11 Effects

This strain is has a heavy sativa influence, which most users find very relaxing and comfortable. The hit isn’t sedating by any means and instead, gives a vibrant high that won’t leave users totally incapacitated. It provides users a simultaneous physical and mental buzz both pleasant and potent, perfect for waking and baking.

Skunk #11 Terpene Profile

Despite the negative connotations, as we know, the Skunk family has a very pungent, distinct cheese or chemical-like smell and taste and this strain surely rewards with a serious skunk profile. Its aroma is like old-school shiva plants with the redolent of cheesy, skunky sativa, but there are noticeable flavors of spice and hickory as well.

Medical Benefits Skunk #11

CBD strains are increasingly popular for their potential medicinal benefits including helping with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and insomnia. Ongoing research has also indicated CBD’s use in helping manage seizures and epilepsy. This moderate CBD strain may be somewhat useful for these ailments, although high CBD strains are thought to be more effective.

How to Grow Skunk #11

Skunk #11 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and also has the potential to grow pungent buds under the protection of a greenhouse. It’s a highly vivacious strain that grows medium in height and is also mold-resistant, making the cultivation process feel less like a task for growers. Once buds are ripened to completion after a pretty average flowering period of around 10 weeks, you will be able to harvest its light green, large balls of herb that are pungent, aromatic, and extremely resinous.