Guru Seeds

Coffeeshop Guru is thrilled to bring you our very own premium range of fast flowering cannabis seeds as we introduce you to Guru Seeds!

Choosing the best source for cannabis seeds is one of the most vital selections any grower can make today. While growing conditions are, of course, important, the genetic makeup of the seed and strain is the most decisive factor in any plant reaching its full growth potential. 

Using our expert knowledge, we have rigorously analyzed and meticulously selected our favourite strains to bring you only the highest quality seeds and most stable genetics available in the cannabis market today.

We have a vast choice of top quality seeds with indicas, sativas and hybrids available in auto flower (containing ruderalis genetics), medical seeds and feminized seed types that make us the right growers choice. 

Included in our wide selection of Guru Seeds are some of the hottest and most popular award-winning cannabis strains including new and exotic treats like Gelato, Skittelz, Wedding Cake, and the ever-popular seed, WIFI OG. 

Or, If you’re a bit more old school and prefer some of the more classic strains, we’ve got all of your favourite cannabis strains like Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Northern Lights and Critical Kush.

For medical users, we also have an extensive range of fast flowering medical seeds. Guru Seeds both recreational and medical, are available in our comprehensive and original seed store. 

All of the strains created by Guru Seeds are crafted using an experienced, award-winning team of breeders and are regularly tested to check both the quality and germination rates.

And with all of our Guru Seeds being feminized, there’s no need to identify and remove those troublesome male plants. Not only is the process more straightforward, but with our feminized seeds, you have more time to concentrate on increasing the bud producing females.

To make it even easier for first-time growers, our range of auto flower cannabis seeds are fast flowering and only take between 8-10 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. With an autoflower seed, even a first-time grower can achieve a bountiful and potent crop of delicious cannabis buds.

Guru Seeds are elegantly and safely packed in a FREE custom-designed germination kit and will be delivered securely from our seed store to your home or business using our rapid and discreet shipping service.

Grow the best and exceed the rest with the only growers choice, Guru Seeds from your master of seeds, Coffeeshop Guru. Visit our online seed store now!

If you want to learn more, check out our community blog and don’t forget our frequently asked questions page for more information on our discreet shipping service.



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