Medicinal Cannabis Seeds

For thousands of years, cannabis has been widely used by a number of civilisations for its medicinal properties. However, it is only recently that a significantly increased level of attention has begun to focus on the therapeutic and healing effects of this remarkable plant.

With many countries now moving towards increased cannabis legality, a growing emphasis is now being placed on scientific research and analysis. Leading scientists are receiving many more opportunities to research in far greater detail the potential benefits of cannabis and their related cannabinoids.  

As a result of our increased knowledge, many people are now considering cannabis as a potentially viable alternative to several existing medical treatments, including Opioids. 

While many scientists do believe that all cannabis strains can potentially offer medicinal value, further research into the potential health benefits of CBD has now led to an increased demand for cannabis seeds that contain enhanced levels of CBD. Still, despite the increased focus on CBD, THC is also said to have many medicinal qualities.

Cannabis comprises of several cannabinoids including THC (the compound responsible for the high feeling associated with cannabis) and CBD. However, more recently, growers have placed increased emphasis on creating recreational strains that were particularly high in THC (sometimes above 20%) and very low in CBD (less than 1%).

However, at Coffeeshop guru, we are proud to offer a wide selection of medicinal cannabis seeds that have higher levels of CBD and a closer CBD/THC ratio. These seeds are ideally suited for those seeking to grow medicinal cannabis.

We have selected only the best indica, sativa and hybrid medicinal strains available on the market today. And don’t worry if you’re not sure what product is best suited to your condition; Our easy-to-use seeds bank allows you to search for a strain suited to your particular condition.

We have a wide range of auto flower, feminized and regular medical seeds that could provide you with the relief you’ve been craving.

So, if, for example, you’re suffering from anxiety, you might want to try a classic Mango Kush strain. Or, if you’re looking to manage pain, a high in THC seed like our very own Guru Seeds Sherbet Sour Diesel could provide an alternative source of relief. 

From anxiety to depression, pain management and a whole lot in between, cannabis is finally gaining well-deserved recognition across the planet for its remarkable medicinal potential.

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