Best medicinal strains for nausea relief

Cannabis can reduce the feelings of nausea and vomiting, which is especially helpful for patients undergoing chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS treatment and those suffering from gastrointestinal disorders like Crohn’s Disease. It is now known that the cannabinoid receptors CB-1 and CB-2 in the Gastro-Intestinal tract (GI) are responsible for feelings of nausea and that a system called 5-HT is involved in producing the vomiting reflex. The cannabinoids THC and CBD work together (through the Entourage Effect) by acting on the CB-1/CB-2 to control and reduce nausea and reduces the functionality of the 5-HT system. The terpene Linalool also seems to reduce nausea and vomiting by acting on the 5-HT system, specifically by inhibiting the 5-HT3 receptor.

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