• Brand: Nirvana
  • Variety: Hybrid
  • Gender: Feminized
  • Cannabinoid: Low THC 0-10 %, Very High CBD 10+ %
  • Plant size: Medium (80 cm - 130 cm)
  • Growing difficulty: Hard
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Not everyone is interested in a strong head buzz from THC. That’s where Cannatonic CBD by Nirvana Seeds can help. She’s a balanced, almost 50/50 hybrid, high CBD/ low THC strain that could potentially help soothe cannabis patient’s ailments without a strong head high.

Heritage & Genetics: Cannatonic CBD is a cross between MK Ultra and G13 Haze. The indica-leaning genetics of MK Ultra contribute to the calming body effect you’ll feel after one toke. The sativa effect of its G13 heritage is still apparent in the focused and clear head high that’ll kick in soon after. Best of both worlds!

Flavor & Aroma: If you find yourself getting paranoid in public because of the fragrant nature of your chosen bud, switch to Cannatonic CBD. Nirvana Seeds had discretion in mind when they created this strain. The flavor is very subtle, indica-earthy and piney but retains some sativa-like citrus flavors as well.

Effect: The head buzz you’ll get from this strain fades relatively quickly, but the CBD-attributed effects stick around for hours. You’ll be able to power through the tasks at hand confidently with the help of Cannatonic CBD. Cannatonic CBD also inherited mildly numbing effects from MK Ultra, so be prepared.

Medical: Cannatonic CBD is a strain bred specifically for its possible medical benefits. The recorded CBD levels have been as high as 17% with rarely more than 6% THC. CBD has anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties as well as pain killing abilities in conjunction with THC (the entourage effect). Due to the mind- and body-relaxing effects of this strain, users that suffer from chronic stress could find relief with Cannatonic CBD. The high CBD content may also prove beneficial for those that suffer from depression.

Grow characteristics: If you already have growing experience under your belt, Cannatonic CBD should be a breeze. Otherwise, it would be best for novices to wait for a spell until they try their hand at this strain. Cannatonic CBD by Nirvana Seeds is a feminized strain and will produce female plants almost every time. Experienced growers can grow Cannatonic CBD either indoors or outdoors but will experience the highest yields indoors with a SOG method. The resulting plants will be of medium height with frosty buds.