• Brand: Nirvana
  • Variety: Sativa Dominant
  • Gender: Feminized, Regular
  • Cannabinoid: Low THC 0-10 %, Low CBD 0-1 %
  • Plant size: Tall (130 cm - 220 cm)
  • Growing difficulty: Medium
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An oldie but a goodie: Hawaii Maui Waui (sometimes commonly called Maui Wowie) is a traditional sativa variety that originated in the 60’s; mild and euphoric. Nirvana’s version will be a delight to sativa lovers and nostalgic hippies everywhere. 5-13% THC.

Heritage & Genetics: True Hawaiian Sativa, inbred to keep the genetics relatively uniform, and not crossed much over the years, Hawaii Maui Waui apparently tastes and feels pretty much the same as it did back in the good old days! Not crossed like many of today’s modern strains, which were interbred to increase potency but rather an ‘old school’ strain. Sativa and Haze lovers will delight in both the flavor and effects of this sweet little hippy.

Flavor & Aroma: You can take the girl out of Hawaii but you can’t take Hawaii out of the girl: grown in a decent warm climate, Hawaii Maui Waui will mature into a fruity, hazey, typical sativa-flavored, Hawaiian beauty. Lots of pineapple and citrus come through both in the smoke and the flavor. This is as classic a sativa as you will find, delicious!

Effect: A brilliant strain for daytime use, not too heavy on the THC, but buzzy, creative, active and stress relieving. This is classic surfers catching waves, in the zone, round the campfire gear. Enjoy the heady, hazey, sociable, giggly effects of Hawaii Maui Waui from Nirvana with your mates, all summer long!

Medical: Despite having a low THC and CBD content, this strain may have some therapeutic effects including helping to relax, de-stress, and potentially relieve mild aches and pains.

Grow characteristics: Like many sativas, Hawaii Maui Waui will grow tall, with long internodal spaces, long colas and lots of branches. She grows likes space to stretch out, so an outdoor grow in a warm climate will suit her best. If you’re in a chilly climate, beware spring frosts when growing outside – she don’t like ‘em. Indoors do what you can to manage her length, she will appreciate a good Sea of Green (SOG) set-up.