Buy White Widow seeds South American Sativa x South Indian Indica

by Dinafem

One of the most sought-after strains in Dutch Coffeeshops, White Widow has been an unmistakable cult-classic for over twenty years and shows no decline in popularity.

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White Widow Genetics

Ever since Green House Seeds started breeding this 65% indica / 35% sativa hybrid back in the 90’s, White Widow has been an instant classic. Green House took a South American landrace sativa and crossed it with a South Indian indica, creating the very well-balanced hybrid we all know and love.  

White Widow Terpene Profile

The flavor palette of this hybrid leans slightly more towards the indica side of its genetics. This means you can enjoy an intense, pungent woody aroma with spicy and herbal highlights.   

White Widow Effects

The effects of White Widow bring out the best of both worlds. It stimulates the mind in a euphoric, uplifting way and yet still manages to calm your thoughts. While doing that, it wraps the body into a warm, relaxing, soothing blanket of tranquil sedation.   

Medical Benefits White Widow

Anecdotal accounts have suggested that the uplifting effects of sativa strains high in THC may provide temporary relief from fatigue. Strains with high THC levels and low CBD, such as White Widow, are also thought to help improve appetite, something which may be appreciated by patients undergoing intensive medical treatments which suppress hunger. THC is also indicated to have some potentially beneficial effects for reducing pain, inflammation, although these are thought to be more effective when co-acting with CBD. 

How to Grow White Widow

White Widow is a fairly easy plant to grow indoors as well as outdoors, although the strain does better in an indoor environment. It lends itself well to SOG and SCROG cultivation, and these methods usually provide the best results in regards to yield per square meter. When the frosty white, sticky buds start to form, in around 8 to 9 weeks, you’ll know why they named this strain White Widow.