Buy White Diesel seeds White Widow x NYC Diesel

by Sensi Seeds, White Label

White Diesel is a very powerful sativa hybrid that produces a very energetic, creative and uplifting high, as well as large quantities of frosty white buds.

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White Diesel Genetics

White Diesel by Sensi Seeds is the result of crossing two popular classic hybrids strains like the resinous White Widow and diesel fuelled NYC Diesel.

White Diesel Terpene Profile

Get ready to get blown off your rocker by the overwhelming powerful odor of White Diesel. A fascinating combination between zesty citrus fruit like grapefruit and lemon, together with a whiff of rhubarb and a proper slush of diesel fuel.     

White Diesel Effects

Since White Diesel is a very potent, 75% sativa strain, you can expect a very energetic, creative and uplifting high combined with some body-relaxing effects of the indica elements in its genetics.  

Medical Benefits White Diesel

Due to its genetic makeup, White Diesel could best be recommended as a energizing strain, potentially useful for those looking for temporary relief fatigue. High THC strains like White Diesel have also been thought to have potentially therapeutic effects for those looking to stimulate appetite, relieve mild pain and relax muscle spasms.

How to Grow White Diesel

In warm climates, White Diesel can be grown outside without much trouble. If you live in colder climates, however it’s recommended you cultivate this strain inside or a greenhouse. The yield, if given extra attention with the right amount of light and nutrients, is above average for a sativa. The result is a medium tall sativa plant that gives you dense, frosty white buds that are as sticky and furry as its White Widow parent.