Buy Chronic seeds Northern Lights x Skunk x AK 47

by Serious Seeds

Chronic, from Serious Seeds combines wonderful aroma and a great high, with a very consistent bud quality and massive yield. Pretty quick to flower too, it is popular with both legal commercial and home-grow cannabis enthusiasts and has won multiple prizes.

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Chronic Genetics

Originally a cross between the strong indica Northern Lights, and some top-notch Skunk (hybrid), Serious Seeds introduced AK47 to the mix later in the breeding process to increase Chronic’s resin quality and give it a better terpene profile.

Chronic Effects

A high that can make you happy, energetic, creative, and mellow to boot; thanks to the AK47 in the lineage. A good smoke for social situations, as you’ll probably be pretty chatty as well. Keep plenty of refreshing drinks to hand, she can make you thirsty.

Chronic Terpene Profile

Chronic is notable for its lovely scent; woody and earthy with strong skunky tones. Make sure you cure this beauty well, to keep her smelling strong and lovely; if she stays damp during curing that wonderful aroma will be lost forever, and you don’t want that because that scent comes through in the flavor too.

Medical Benefits Chronic

Ongoing research has suggested that THC could be responsible for the energy-boosting effects of some strains. This moderate THC, low CBD strain may, therefore, be somewhat helpful for coping with fatigue although high THC strains are thought to be more effective. The moderate THC level of this strain could also provide some relief from mild aches, pains, and stress.

How to Grow Chronic

Quick to flower, producing enormous, heavy buds and a massive top cola. Topping is not advised and you will need to support the flower as it grows as there aren’t many branches to Chronic usually, increasing the risk of stem breakage. Given the right conditions, the yield is very high. Be careful and thorough during curing to get the best possible flavor profile.