• Brand: Royal Queen Seeds, Soma Seeds, Amsterdam Genetics
  • Variety: Sativa Dominant
  • Gender: Feminized, Regular
  • Cannabinoid: Low CBD 0-1 %, Very High THC 20+ %
  • Plant size: Medium (80 cm - 130 cm)
  • Growing difficulty: Medium
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Amnesia haze is a 70% sativa-dominant hybrid, and one of the most successful and best-selling strains of Soma Seeds. This strain has a complex genetic background, great taste and produces a euphoric high!

Heritage & Genetics: The genetics of Amnesia Haze is quite complex. It’s surprising that Soma, the creator of the strain, didn’t forget how he made it after the first hit! Overall, we know it is the product of at least five strains from all across the world. These include Southeast Asian strains such as Sativa Thai, Cambodian Sativa, and Southeast Asia indica. Throw in some Afghani, Hawaiian, and Jamaican Haze and voila! You got yourself a cosmopolitan Amnesia Haze.

Flavor & Aroma: Soma Seeds should take pride in creating one of the easiest and tastiest strains to smoke. Amnesia Haze releases a lemon, citrus scent which slowly moves from your mouth into your throat and lungs. Upon expiration, you feel the earthy undertones leaving a sour aftertaste on your tongue. This strain’s smooth and easy smoke makes it effortless to enjoy.

Effect: Amnesia Haze includes all of the effects you are looking for in a sativa. It doesn’t take long to feel a euphoric rush move through your mind and body. A pleasant and long-lasting high that brings a significant boost to creativity and mood. So, if you are looking for your next wake ‘n’ bake strain, look no further. Due to its high THC levels, novice smokers should take caution in how much they use. Feelings of paranoia due to an intense high is possible if doses are not well measured.

Medical: Ongoing research has suggested that high THC and low CBD strains may have potential benefits including stimulating appetite, reducing fatigue and relieving symptoms of Glaucoma. Although thought to be more effective when working together with CBD, THC is also understood to have some pain-relieving properties on its own. Considering this, this high THC strain may also provide some relief from general aches and pains.

Grow characteristics: If you are looking at the big picture rather than short-term gain, then Amnesia Haze is for you. This strain has a relatively long grow-cycle of 70-84 days, so it is not for the impatient grower. However, if you have the time, you will experience something truly magical as you watch this strain stretch from seed to a tall height! If the height is an issue, you are more than welcome to mainline this early on. Amnesia Haze’s most notable characteristics are its long leaves, big buds, and fantastic smell. Make sure to keep a constant airflow as it generates quite a scent. If you are an outdoor cultivator, expect to see the fruits of your labor by the end of September.