It was 1994, a time where only a hand full of strains dominate the scene in Amsterdam. Already operating in the city under the name C.I.A (Cannabis In Amsterdam), the American green pioneers Adam Dunn and Douglas Mignola saw it as their mission to bring new genetics to Holland’s capital. Under a new company name; T.H. Seeds, Adam, Douglas, and compatriots did just that; they were the first to sell the original Bubblegum genetics in the Netherlands, followed shortly after by the legendary S.A.G.E. Other brilliant and award-winning strains by T.H. Seeds are; Sage’N Sour, Kushage, Darkstar, Heavy Duty Fruity and MK Ultra Kush
We at Coffeeshop Guru offer cannabis seeds by T.H. Seeds in regular form as well as feminized, autoflower and CBD-rich versions.

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